Fire Proximity Suits

Fire Proximity Suits for Industrial Use-Red Fort Workwear

Fire Proximity Suits for Industrial Use

Product Code : 17

Brand Name : Red Fort Workwear

Fire Proximity Suits Specification

We are engaged into offering fire proximity suit with following specifications :

  • These flame retardant suit are made from aluminized glass fiber cloth with vapor / moisture / woolen / FR / heat resistance lining .
  • Stitched with "KEVLAR" thread consists of hood , visor and firemen helmet.
  • Proximity suits comes with coat, pant, gloves, hood & shoes.
  • Shoes are with oil and heat resistant sole.
  • Gloves are with insulation.
  • The aluminized fabric tests in accordance with EN 531:1995 + A1:1998-07
  • Suitable for proximity fire Industrial radiant heat up to 1500°C
  • Applicable in foundries, power plants, cement, steel manufacturing, etc.

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